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    Suddenly running out of fuel while you’re on the road are often a really uncomfortable experience. this will sometimes happen when a faulty fuel indicator indicates that there’s still fuel within the tank. It also can happen once you know that you simply are low on fuel and can’t find an area gasoline station .

    If you’re ready to move your vehicle, or can get some help from other motorists, get your vehicle to the side of the road where it’ll be faraway from the flow of traffic. The last item that you simply will want may be a distracted motorist to hit the rear of your vehicle.

    We will send a licensed tow car driver will enough fuel for your tank which will get you back on the road and to an open gas station where you’ll refill your tank.

    OM Towing offers emergency fuel delivery roadside service 24/7, three hundred and sixty five days a year. Call us now and that we will dispatch a tow car within minutes.